What is the Darwin Matrix?


For collaboration, the Darwin Matrix is the way to:

  • much improved collaboration in the workplace
  • allow more people to input ideas during meetings – no matter what their role in the team may be
  • enable the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ within a department or company – the best way to great ideas and solving problems
  • faster business solutions
  • increased teamwork between colleagues
  • more employees taking ownership of problems, solutions and goals
  • meetings that are actually useful
  • store information in a way that is easy to make decisions from a glance, not a ‘deep dive’

For presenting, the Darwin Matrix is the way to:

  • presentations that work how your brain thinks
    • does your brain work in sequence, like a PowerPoint slide show? we didn’t think so.
  • present a hugely detailed subject matter from just one screen without information overload
  • audience engagement levels that slideshows have not been able to match since classrooms were invented
  • present in a way that keeps an audience’s brains constantly invigorated due to layout and speculation of “what is next?”